Album de la semaine: "Driving rain" (Paul McCartney 2001)

P.McCartney-From a lover to a friend-Driving rain (01)
J.Lennon-Power to the people-Single (71)
G.Harrison-Run of the mill-All things must pass (70)
R.Starr-Occapella-Goodnight Vienna (74)
Beatles-Kansas city/ Hey, hey, hey, hey !-For sale (64)
P.McCartney-She's given up talking-Driving rain (01)
Beatles-Back in the USSR-White album (68)
Beatles-Revolution 9-White album (68)
J.Lennon-Steel and glass-Walls and bridges (74)
Beatles-When I'm sixty four-Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (67)
P.McCartney-Driving rain-Driving rain (01)
G.Harrison-Harri's on tour-USB (74)
Beatles-Another girl-Help ! (65)
Beatles-In my life-Rubber soul (65)
Beatles-I will-White album (68)
P.McCartney-Lonely road-Driving rain (01)
Bob Dylan-If not for you-New morning (70)
G.Harrison-Abandoned love-USB
Julian Lennon-Lucy-Single (09)
R.Starr-Grow old with me-What's my name (19)

P.McCartney-Rinding into Jaipur-Driving rain (01)
R.Starr-Picture show life-Old wave (83)
R.Starr-You and me-Ringo (73)
Beatles-I'm happy just to dance with you-A hard day's night (64)
Beatles-Yellow submarine-Revolver (66)
P.McCartney-Heather-Driving rain (01)
J.Lennon-Mr. Hyde's gone (don't be afraid)-Anthology 4: Dakota (98)
J.Lennon-Grow old with me-Milk and honey (84)
G.Harrison-Rocking chair in Hawaii-Brainwashed (02)
Beatles-Here comes the sun-Abbey road (69)
P.McCartney-Seems like old times-USB
P.McCartney-Highway-Electric arguments (08)
Beatles-Not guity-Anthology Highlights (10)
Beatles-All you need is love-Magical Mystery Tour (67)