Album de la semaine-"Run Devil run" (Paul McCartney 1999)

Beatles-Strawberry fields forever-Magical Mystery Tour (67) à la demande de R.Starr
P.McCartney-Blue jean bop-Run Devil run (99)
J.Lennon-Cold turkey-Single (69)
G.Harrison-Wah wah-All things must pass (70)
R.Starr-Back off Boogaloo-Goodnight Vienna (74-72)
Beatles-Misery-Please please me (63)
P.McCartney-No other baby-Run Devil run (99)
G.Harrison-You-Extra texture (read all about it) (75)
Beatles-I wanna be your man-With the Beatles (63)
Beatles-I'll follow the sun-For sale (64)
J.Lennon-Instant Karma-Single (70)
Elvis Presley-All shook up-Single (57)
P.McCartney-All shook up-Run Devil run (99)
R.Starr-Vertical man-Vertical man (98)
J.Lennon-Move over Ms. L.-Single (75)
Beatles-The night before-Help! (65)
G.Harrison-Your love is forever-George Harrison (79)
P.McCartney-Brown eyed handsome man-Run Devil run (99)
Johnny Hallyday-Dégage-Rock à Memphis (75)
Steve Luthaker-Run to me (feat. Ringo Starr)-From the forthcoming lp "I found the sun again" (21)
R.Starr-Don't be cruel-"Weight of the world" single (92)
Beatles-Long Tall Sally-Single (64)
Beatles-Slow down-Something new (64)
P.McCartney-Run Devil run-Run Devil run (99)
Beatles-Got to get you into my life-Revolver (66)
G.Harrison-This is love-Cloud nine (87)
J.Lennon-Slippin' and slidin'-Rock'n'roll (75)
J.Lennon-Meat city-Mind games (73)
P.McCartney-Movie magg-Run Devil run (99)
P.McCartney-Seize the day-From the forthcoming lp "McCartney III" (20)
Beatles-Savoy truffle-White album (68)
Beatles-Cry baby cry-White album (68)
P.McCartney-Winter bird/When winter comes-From the forthcoming lp "McCartney III" (20)
R.Starr-Choose love-Choose love (05)