Spéciale 100% Lennon

J.Lennon-Mother-Plastic Ono Band (70)
Beatles-In my life-Rubber soul (65)
Beatles-Strawberry fields forever-Magical Mystery Tour (67)
Beatles-I am the walrus-Magical Mystery Tour (67)
Beatles-A day in the life-Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (67)
J.Lennon-Look at me-Plastic Ono Band (70)
Beatles-Julia-White album (68)
Beatles-I want you (she's so heavy)-Abbey road (69)
Beatles-One after 909-Let it be (70)
Beatles-Don't let me down-Let it be (70)
J.Lennon-Hold on-Plastic Ono Band (70)
J.Lennon-Power to the people-Single (71)
Elton John-I saw her standing there (feat. J.Lennon) (live)-Here and there (76)
J.Lennon-Happy Xmas (war is over)-Sometime in New York City (72)
J.Lennon-Imagine (take 10) (rough mix)-Imagine (the ultimate collection) (71-18)
J.Lennon-Love-Plastic Ono Band (70)
Fats Domino-Ain't that a shame-Rock and rollin' with Fats Domino (55)
Julian Lennon-Ok for you-Valotte (84)
J.Lennon-Ain't that a shame-Rock'n'roll (75)
J.Lennon-Move over Ms. L (alternative version)-USB (75)
J.Lennon-Surprise surprise (sweet bird of paradox)-Anthology 3: The lost weekend (98)
J.Lennon-God-Plastic Ono Band (70)
Beatles-Free as a bird-Anthology 1 (95)
J.Lennon-Watching the wheels-B.O. Funny people (09)
J.Lennon-Sweet little sixteen-Rock'n'roll (75)
J.Lennon-My mummy's dead-Plastic Ono Band (70)
J.Lennon-(Just like) Starting over-Double fantasy (80)
J.Lennon-Now and then-USB (96)
J.Lennon-Woman-Double fantasy (80)
Beatles-I'm losing you-Double fantasy (80)
J.Lennon-Just because/Just because (reprise)-Rock'n'roll (75)