Album de la semaine: "Back to the egg" (Paul McCartney 1979)

P.McCartney-Reception/Getting Closer-Back to the egg (79)
J.Lennon-Bless you-Walls and bridges (74)
G.Harrison-All things must pass-All things must pass (70)
G.Harrison-All things must pass (remix 2020)-Single (20)
Beatles-Something-Abbey Road (69)
P.McCartney-We're open tonight-Back to the egg (79)
R.Starr-Scouse the mouse-Scouse the mouse (77)
J.Lennon-Stand by me-Rock'n'roll (75)
P.McCartney-Lavatory Lil-III (20)
Beatles-Christmas time is here again-"Free as a bird" single (95)
P.McCartney-Old Siam Sir-Back to the egg (79)
Beatles-Do you want to know a secret-Please please me (63)
J.Lennon-I'm stepping out-Milk and honey (84)
P.McCartney-Find my way-III (20)
Beatles-Act naturally-Help! (65)
P.McCartney-Arrow through me-Back to the egg (79)
Phil Collins-Tomorrow never knows-Face value (80)
Julian Lennon-Because-From the musical "Time" (86)
P.McCartney-Seize the day-III (20)
J.Lennon-Grow old with me-Gimme some truth (20)
P.McCartney-To you-Back to the egg (79)
Beatles-Yes it is-B side "Ticket to ride" single (65)
Beatles-Bad boy-Single (65)
R.Starr-Here's to the nights (feat. P.McCartney)-Zoom (21)
R.Starr-Weight of the World-Weight of the World (92)
P.McCartney-So glad to see you here-Back to the egg (79)
Beatles-Being for the benefit of Mr. Kite…-Love (06)
Beatles-We can work it out-Double A sided single "Day tripper" (65)
P.McCartney-Winterbird/When winter comes-III (20)
Beatles-I'll get you-B side "She loves you" single (63)
P.McCartney-Baby's request-Back to the egg (79)
G.Harrison-Miss O'Dell-Living in the Material Wold (73)
G.Harrison-Life itself-Somewhere in England (81)
G.Harrison-See yourself-Thirty three & 1/3 (76)
R.Starr-You're sixteen (you're beautiful and you're mine)-Ringo (73)
P.McCartney-(I want to) come home (single (10)
P.McCartney-Station II-Egypt station (18)