Album de la semaine: "All things must pass" (George Harrison 1970)

G.Harrison-My sweet Lord-All things must pass (70)
R.Starr-Oo-wee-Goodnight Vienna (74)
J.Lennon-Jealous guy-Imagine (71)
P.McCartney-Junk-McCartney (70)
Beatles-All my loving (live)-Live at the Hollywood Bowl (16)
G.Harrison-Wah Wah-All things must pass (70)
Beatles-A hard day's night (live)-Live at the Hollywood Bowl (16)
Beatles-Help! (live)-Live at the Hollywood Bowl (16)
J.Lennon-Intuition-Mind games (73)
R.Starr-I'll still love you-Rotogravure (76)
G.Harrison-I live for you-All things must pass (70)
P.McCartney-Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey-Ram (71)
Beatles-Roll over Beethoven (live)-Live at the Hollywood Bowl (16)
Beatles-Boys (live)-Live at the Hollywood Bowl (16)
J.Lennon-What you got-Walls and bridges (74)
G.Harrison-I'd have you anytime-All things must pass (70)
Monalisa Twins-While my guitar gently weeps-Monalisa twins play Beatles & more (14)
Freiheit-Keeping the dream alive-Single (88)
J.Lennon-Nobody told me-Milk and honey (84)
P.McCartney-Let me roll it-Band on the run (73)
G.Harrison-Isn't it a pity (demo)/Isn't it a pity-Let me roll it (09/All things must pass (70)
P.McCartney-Little lamb Dragonfly-Red rose speedway (73)
Beatles-Long Tall Sally (live)-Live at the Hollywood Bowl (16)
Beatles-You can't do that (live)-Live at the Hollywood Bowl (16)
R.Starr-You belong to me-Stop and smell the roses (81)
G.Harrison-Beware of darkness-All things must pass (70)
Beatles-Ticket to ride (live)-Live at the Hollywood Bowl (16)
Beatles-Can't buy me love (live)-Live at the Hollywood Bowl (16)
P.McCartney-Letting go-Venus and Mars (75)
P.McCartney-Silly love songs-At the speed of sound (76)
G.Harrison-Hear me Lord-All things must pass (70)
R.Starr-In a heartbeat-Time takes time (92)
Beatles-She's a woman (live)-Live at the Hollywood Bowl (16)
G.Harrison-Wah Wah (live)-The concert for Bangladesh (71)