Album de la semaine: "Band on the run" (Paul McCartney 1973) (E pour Enregistrement diffusé à la radio)

P.McCartney-Band on the run-Band on the run (73)
J.Lennon-Give me some truth-Imagine (71)
G.Harrison-Sue me, sue you blues-Living in the Material World (73)
R.Starr-I'm a fool to care-Sentimental journey (70)
Beatles-Your mother should know (take 1)-Magical Mystery Tour (67)
P.McCartney-Jet-Band on the run (73)
Beatles-Child of nature-White album (68-08)
G.Harrison-It is 'He" (Jai Sri Krishna)-Dark horse (74)
R.Starr-No no song-Goodnight Vienna (74)
Beatles-Revolution 1-White album (68-08)
P.McCartney-Picasso's last words (drink to me)-Band on the run (73)
J.Lennon-New York City-Sometime in New York City (72)
Beatles-Oh! Darling-Abbey Road (69)
Beatles-Here comes the sun-Abbey Road (69)
G.Harrison-Dear One-Thirty three & 1/3 (76)
P.McCartney-Mamunia-Band on the run (73)
Michael Jackson-Come together-HIStory (95)
Mark Hudson-Forget you two-The artist (14)
R.Starr-Simple love song-The 4th (77)
Beatles-Drive my car/The word/What you're doing-Love (06)
P.McCartney-No words-Band on the run (73)
Beatles-One after 909-Anthology highlights (10)
Beatles-Two of us-Let it be…naked (03)
R.Starr-I keep forgettin'-Old wave (83)
P.McCartney-We got married-Flowers in the dirt (89)
P.McCartney-Mrs Vandebilt-Band on the run (73)
J.Lennon-Scared-Walls and bridges (74)
Beatles-Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band-Yellow Submarine songtrack (99)
Beatles-With a little help from my friends-Yellow Submarine songtrack (99)
J.Lennon-Do the oz-Single (71)
P.McCartney-Nineteen hundred and eighty five-Band on the run (73)
G.Harrison-Any road-Brainwashed (02)
Beatles-Here, there and everywhere-Revolver (66)
P.McCartney-Style style-"Off the ground" single (93)
P.McCartney-Long leather coat-"Off the ground" single (93)