Album de la semaine: "Let it be" (Beatles 1970) (E pour Enregistrement diffusé à la radio)

Beatles-For you blue-Let it be (70)
P.McCartney-Smile away-Ram (71)
J.Lennon-One day (at a time)-Mind games (73)
G.Harrison-All things must pass (2020 mix)-From the forthcoming "All things must pass" (21)
R.Starr-Sentimental journey-Sentimental journey (70)
Beatles-I've got a feeling-Let it be (70)
P.McCartney-Summer of '59-Single (99)
P.McCartney-Cage-USB (79)
R.Starr-Down and out-Ringo (73)
J.Lennon-How do you sleep-Imagine (71)
Beatles-The long and winding road-Let it be (70)
J.Lennon-Long lost john-Anthology 1: Ascot (98)
P.McCartney-Slidin'-III (20)
Elton John-Not guilty-George Harrison (79)
J.Lennon-Angel baby-Menlove Ave. (86)
Beatles I me mine-Let it be (70)
Oldelaf-Mother Nature's son-USB (20)
Elton John-Empty garden-Jump up! (82)
Beatles-Medley: Because…the end-Abbey road (69)
George Martin-Pepperland-Yellow submarine (69)
Beatles-Two of us-Let it be (70)
Beatles-Free as a bird-Single (95)
Beatles-Real love-Single (96)
P.McCartney-Tug of peace-Pipes of peace (83)
R.Starr-Walk with you (feat. P.McCartney)-Y not (10)
Beatles-Across the universe-Let it be (70)
P.McCartney-Name and address-London town (78)
Traveling Wilburys-Wilbury twist-Traveling Wilburys-vol.3 (90)
G.Harrison-Baltimore Oriole-Somewhere in England (81)
R.Starr-All by myself-Goodnight Vienna (74)
Beatles-Let it be-Let it be (70)
Beatles-Hey Bulldog-Yellow submarine (69)
R.Starr-Never without you-Ringo Rama (03)