Album de la semaine: "Double fantasy" (John Lennon 1980)

J.Lennon-(Just like) Starting over-Double Fantasy (80)
P.McCartney-Coming up-McCartney II (80)
G.Harrison-All those years ago-Somewhere in England (81)
R.Starr-Wrack my brain-Stop and smell the roses (81)
Beatles-The long and winding road (2021 mix)-Let it be (Super Deluxe Edition) (70-21)
J.Lennon-Cleanup time-Double Fantasy (80)
P.McCartney-Write away-Press to play (86)
P.McCartney-We got married-Flowers in the dirt (89)
Beatles-Don't let me down (first rooftop performance)-Let it be (Super Deluxe Edition) (70-21)
Beatles-Let it be (2021 mix)-Let it be (Super Deluxe Edition) (70-21)
J.Lennon-I'm losing you-Double Fantasy (80)
Beatles-Happiness is a warm gun (2018 mix)-White album (68-18)
Beatles-Sexy Sadie (2018 mix)-White album (68-18)
G.Harrison-Maya love-Dark horse (74)
Beatles-All you need is love-Yellow submarine songtrack (99)
J.Lennon-Woman-Double Fantasy (80)
R.Starr & friends-Come together (cover)-Why hunger foundation (21)
P.McCartney-Frank Sinatra's party-Egypt station (Explorer's edition) (19)
G.Harrison-This guitar (can't keep from crying)-Extra texture (read all about it) (75)
J.Lennon-Watching the wheels-Double Fantasy (80)
R.Starr-Here's to the nights (feat. P.McCartney)-Zoom (21)
R.Starr-Let's change the world-Change the world (21)
Beatles-Strawberry fields forever-Magical Mystery Tour (67)
P.McCartney-Seize the day-McCartney III (20)
J.Lennon-Beautiful boy (darling boy)-Double Fantasy (80)
Beatles-I want you (she's so heavy)-Abbey Road (69)
Beatles-Being for the benefit of Mr Kite…Helter skelter-Love (11)
R.Starr-Zoom in zoom out-Zoom (21)