Spéciale: "Les messages de Noël des Beatles"

Beatles-The Beatles Christmas record 1963-Christmas recordings (70)
R.Starr-White Christmas-I wanna be Santa Claus (99)
J.Lennon-I'm losing you-Double fantasy (80)
P.McCartney-Wonderful Christmastime-Back to the egg (79)
G.Harrison-Learning how to love you-Thirty three & 1/3 (76)
Beatles-Another Beatles Christmas record 1964-Christmas recordings (70)
R.Starr-Blue Christmas-I wanna be Santa Claus (99)
G.Harrison-Ding dong, ding dong-Dark horse (74)
G.Harrison-Baltimore Oriole-Somewhere in England (81)
J.Lennon-Nobody loves you (when you're down and out) (alternative version)-Walls and bridges (74)
Beatles-The Beatles third Christmas record 1965-Christmas recordings (70)
P.McCartney-Rudolph the red-nose reindeer (instrumental)-Back to the egg (79)
R.Starr-Rudolph the red-nose reindeer-I wanna be Santa Claus (99)
P.McCartney-Maybe baby-Soundtrack from the movie "Maybe baby" (00)
J.Lennon-Just because/ Just because (reprise)-Rock'N'roll (75)
Beatles-The beatles fourth Christmas record 1966-Christmas recordings (70)
John Pizzarelli-Wonderful Christmastime-Midnight McCartney (15)
Beatles-Christmas time is here again 1967-Christmas recordings (70)
R.Starr-Christmas time is here again-I wanna be Santa Claus (99)
P.McCartney-A room with a view-Twentieth Century blues: Songs of Noel Coward (98)
G.Harrison-Soft touch-George Harrison (79)
Beatles-The Beatles 1968 Christmas record-Christmas recordings (70)
Beatles$-The Beatles seventh Christmas record 1969-Christmas recordings (70)
Jimmy Fallon & the Roots-Wonderful Christmastime (feat. P.McCartney)-Christmas rules (vol.2) (17)
J.Lennon-Happy Xmas (war is over)-Gimme some truth (Deluxe) (20)