Live virtuel 100% Paul McCartney créé par les internautes

P.McCartney-Showtime-Tripping the live fantastic (90)
P.McCartney-So glad to see you here-Back to the egg (79)
P.McCartney-Run Devil run-Run Devil run (99)
P.McCartney-Long tall Sally (live)-Prince's trust concert (86)
P.McCartney-Twenty flight rock (live)-Tripping the live fantastic (90)
P.McCartney-Dear boy-Ram (71)
P.McCartney-The one after 909-Let it be (70)
P.McCartney-Girl's school-London town (78)
P.McCartney-Hi hi hi (live)-Over America (76)
P.McCartney-Live and let die (live)-Paul is live (93)
P.McCartney-Nineteen hundred and eighty five (live)-Out there in Paris (15)
P.McCartney-Getting closer (live)-Glasgow, last flight (79)
P.McCartney-Beware my love (live)-Over America (76)
P.McCartney-Beautiful night (feat. R.Starr)-Flaming pie (97)
P.McCartney-Hunt you down/Naked/C-link-Egypt station (18)
P.McCartney-Junior's farm-Venus and Mars (75)
P.McCartney-Mull of Kintyre (live)-Glasgow, last flight (79)
P.McCartney-Maybe I'm amazed (live)-Over America (76)
P.McCartney-Every night (live)-Glasgow, last flight (79)
P.McCartney-Alligator-New (13)
P.McCartney-Heart of the country (remake)-USB (12)
P.McCartney-Despite repeated warnings-Egypt station (18)
P.McCartney-Arrow through me (live)-Glasgow, last flight (79)
P.McCartney-Another girl (live)-Out there in Paris (15)
R.Starr-We're on the road again (feat. P.McCartney)-Give more love (17)
P.McCartney-Lucille (live)-Concert for the people of Kampuchea (81)
P.McCartney-Let it be (live)-Concert for the people of Kampuchea (81)
P.McCartney-Back in the U.S.S.R. (live)-BBC proms 2007 (14)
P.McCartney-$Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (live)-Tripping the live fantastic (90)