Tracklist de l’émission :

TOUR MAUBOURG - Amicalement Votre (Happiness Therapy)
BLACK LOOPS – Higher (Planet E)
CHAOS IN THE CBD – Digital Sound (In Dust We Trust)
MYSTIC VALLEY – First Sight (Tropical Animals)
AMON TOBIN – One Shy Morning (Nomark)
DJ SHADOW – Rosie (Mass Appeal)
CUBENX & BOOGZBROWN – Trois Roches (Infiné)
MEZIGUE – Ssod Revolution Jamais Dans Les Charts (D.KO)
KOMPROMAT – Der Rauber Und Der Prinz (Clivage Music)
MOD4RN – ZON4 E (Mod3rn Recording)
KING OF TOMORROW – Fade II Black (Yoshitoshi Recording)