Recent research has shed light on the apprehension CEOs harbor towards uncertainty. A 2019 Harvard Business Review study revealed a tendency among CEOs to shy away from decision-making in uncertain situations, even when such decisions could significantly influence a company's success. The study's findings attribute this behavior to the inherent risk aversion of CEOs, who prioritize decisions geared toward minimizing potential losses.

Another pertinent study, featured in the journal "Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes," unveiled that uncertainty often prompts CEOs to make impulsive decisions. This tendency arises due to cognitive biases like the sunk cost fallacy, posing challenges for CEOs in maintaining rational decision-making processes.


This topic needed a recognized expert on risk and uncertainty - welcome to my guest Alec Corthay


About Alec Corthay [expert in the management of uncertainty] 

Meet Alec Corthay, a seasoned management expert renowned for his expertise in handling uncertainty. With a background in advisory roles at EY and Cegos, Alec brings over two decades of experience to the table. He has also served as a CIA-certified internal auditor and holds a degree in economics from HEC Lausanne.

As a prominent figure, Alec engages as a speaker, facilitator, and corporate trainer, leveraging his insights to guide leaders in navigating uncertainty effectively. He imparts knowledge and techniques honed through years of experience in his roles, sharing invaluable expertise gained from teaching at prestigious institutions such as Centrale and Mines Paris engineer schools.

Moreover, Alec is the visionary founder and CEO of Zerra, a testament to his dedication and leadership in the realm of uncertainty management.

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and on his company website Zerra  

What We Discussed in this Episode on How Corporates Can Learn to Live and Thrive with Uncertainty

- Transforming Corporate Culture: Strategies to Shift from Risk Aversion to Calculated Risk-Taking
- Balancing Control and Entrepreneurship: Practical Approaches for Organizational Operations
- Building Personal Agility: Techniques to Enhance Individual Capacity for Adaptability
- Fostering Virality in Uncertainty: Cultivating a Culture of Thriving Amidst Ambiguity
- The Vital Role of Agility and Flexibility in Navigating an Uncertain Business Landscape
- Harnessing Data Analytics for Proactive Response: How Predictive Modeling Aids Corporations in Addressing Challenges
- Striking the Right Balance: Assessing Control and Agility Alignment in Corporate Structures



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