In recent years in corporations, a lot of focus has been placed on emotional intelligence – our ability to manage our emotions at work and those of others. As leaders, it is certainly a skill one must have and continue to practice and improve on. Each level of our career and life will require us to evolve in all aspects in our personal growth as well.  

In this episode of Learn with Bessern - Elena Agaragimova and Ivan Palomino discuss on How to proactively power up your emotional intelligence at work.


Emotions are part of being human. Think of emotions as waves of energy that flow through our bodies and communicate to us. We are built to feel a full spectrum of core emotions such as anger, fear, joy, sadness, excitement, and disgust. These core emotions help us understand, connect, and communicate with others. They also help us to connect with ourselves. However instead of getting to the last step of managing emotions in this video we talk about the initial steps of how to be proactive instead of reactive.

Something as basic as understanding the endorphins, the little chemicals that are released when you are doing certain activities like exercise can put you in a better mood. Another factor to keep in mind is the food we put into our body,. What we intake is what we give out and this works in a flow. The more wholesome, rich and nutritious food we consume in place of processed and sugary items the more good bacteria we generate to fight illness and negative emotions. Lastly it is necessary to acknowledge your emotions as an when you feel them instead of controlling them. It is not easy to learn how to accept emotions because they often do not feel very good and we have instincts that may tell us to avoid them. With persistent practice, though, you can learn how to be more accepting of your emotions. Mindfulness meditation, or the practice of being aware of both your internal and external experiences, can be tremendously useful as you are learning how to accept your emotions. It helps us build relationships as we see ourselves in a better mood most of the time. 


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