Today, the secret to have a successful career is not only about efficiently manage your direct reports, but also successfully managing up the hierarchy (often your boss). Employees should not fear their managers, but instead build a trusting relationship with them. This "trust building" process needs to be done progressively so that your boss can stop micro-managing and instead empowering you.

Stay calm even when everything around you is in a state of chaos. When everything is falling apart and breaking down, the last thing you want to do is lose your cool. It is easy to be great when things are calm but if you truly want to stand out, the smart thing is to learn to be calm in the chaos. 

Be a problem solver, not a problem creator. Problems will always be with us, but sometimes the easiest way to solve a problem is to first stop participating in it. A good problem solver is someone who doesn't create drama or adds to the crisis. Work to never bring a problem to your boss without at least one good strategy for dealing with it.  At the heart of great leadership and successful management is being the best problem-solver you can be.

Be a consistently positive force. Discipline yourself to seek the positive in every situation. Think, speak, and act with positivity. When everyone else is complaining about an unreasonable restriction, find the work-around. It makes you a valuable team member and sets you apart.

In short, treat your relationship with your boss as you would any other important relationship in your life. Invest time, energy, and creativity into making them happy, show your best self as much as possible, and create the habits in yourself that cultivate trust. 

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