🚀 If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it - Peter Drucker Wellbeing at work remains a fresh topic and many organizations have embarked on the roll-out of well-being activities for the good of their people - but is it really bringing any good?. Unfortunately, the measurement of wellbeing is even more recent and often, it is confusing or unpractical.

At the end - is wellbeing really quantifiable? We asked Dr. Vishal Ghule, a researcher on Psychology & Psychometrics to give us his opinion on the link between wellbeing and performance.

In this episode of Learn with Bessern, we cover:

âś… The challenges of organizations to measure wellbeing

âś… Truths & Myths about measuring wellbeing at work

âś… Usual mistakes and good practices in organizations to measure wellbeing

âś… What to do with this data? Creating insights and actions for sustainable impact on wellbeing and performance


About Dr. Vishal Ghule:

I am an academic at heart and a product developer by mind! After spending over a decade in research, academics, and training in Psychology took a plunge into the corporate world. My strong background in research and human resource qualifications helped me lead a start-up in the area of Psychometric Assessments, Counselling, Training, e-learning, and Mental Health. Not only spearheaded the product development for the organization since 2015 but also lead the Business Development and Operations successfully. Over the years played a pivotal role in designing and developing 300+ Cognitive and Behavioral Assessments and 80+ e-learning programs in the areas mentioned above. Simultaneously headed Skill Development Department to implement On the Job Training (OJT) under National Employability Enhancement Mission (NEEM) for the sister concern - managed 9000+ trainees, lead business development strategies, onboarded 60+ clients, and contributed 50+ crores in revenue. From being an Intrapreneur in the area of Psychology and People Development I have now embarked on a journey of helping people and organizations to understand and boost their wellbeing. As a Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer at Joygraphy - I lead the development of Personal and Organizational wellbeing models and analytical tools. I am a practicing Existential Psychotherapist and aspire to help people discover their real selves and achieve self-actualization.


This episode is hosted by:

⏺️ Ivan Palomino – Founder of Bessern and Behavioral Strategist applied to Learning http://bessern.co/

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