In the name of our podcast Learn with Bessern – we have the word "Learn" and the ambition we have is to help people learn how to practice being that person you expect of yourself. Now – there is diversity in the way we learn and sometimes what is out of the standards may seem like a handicap in our progress. Misconceptions about autism are widely spread and in most cases we imagine the extreme cases but in autism there is also diversity.

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About our guest Sam Mitchell!!!

In today's episode of Learn with Bessern we have Sam Mitchell with us who is a very young graduate from high school, he is the host of the popular podcast Autism Rocks and Rolls he talks exclusively about autism, he is an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker (check out his Ted Talk called Souled Structure) and he is a serious activists for Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability caused by differences in the brain. He also has autism.

Insights from the podcast!!!

People with ASD often have problems with social communication and interaction, and restricted or repetitive behaviors or interests. People with ASD may also have different ways of learning, moving, or paying attention. One of the biggest misconceptions with autism is that we are better and that we cannot do anything which is highly inaccurate, because we are talented in our own way.

Many people surrounding you might have a certain degree of autism and and they don't have to be prevented if nothing has prevented them from their success. 
Biggest misconceptions about people with autism
One of the biggest misconceptions with autism is that we are better and that we cannot do anything which is highly inaccurate, because we are talented in our own way.
What would be your like the power advice that you will tell first, to a parent with a child with autism cycle to a schoolmate of a person with autism? And third, a teacher of a child with autism, would you what would you give them as an advice?:
Sam replies 'Why is everybody and so I don't think it's, it's okay not to be healthy but to be scared because my mother was once upon a time. She was very frightened of my future. And everyone should be afraid but should have the back of their head and my eyes are not gonna lie to you there. But my advice is honestly, just be patient, have consequences, find a balance, but understand that some certain behaviors that we do, it's neurological. We can't help you Yeah, that's for like parents, someone with misconceptions and in the classroom setting. It did. But I guess you gave that example of parents of parents it now that I'm a parent I can I totally understand we. We tend to be worried about our kids. Sometimes we would like to let them go. but not helping people to try things by themselves is maybe not good, either'.
Where and when did Sam make creating awareness about autism a life purpose? 
During high school I fell in love with the podcasting. So he decided start his own and initially it was an entertainment one but he soon realized he can use his voice to do something good for the community. That was how he started doing autism rock rolls which eventually got him sponsorship to make it nonprofitable.
Do you feel like people with autism have particular needs in terms of mental health compared to the standard guy in this industry?
Sam believes that this is a case by case situation and each case is different from the rest. It's usually hard to tell whether they're just being straight or actually knowing if there's a mental health issue behind it. He believes that people with autism have a different approach of interacting with others, some might be introverted and some might be dealing with anxiety or depression which interferes with their actions.
Check Sam Mitchell's podcast Autism Rocks and Rolls Autism Rocks and Rolls aims to help others understand autism, to help those on the spectrum feel good about themselves, and to NEVER be ashamed.
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