What is well-being? There are various criteria of wellbeing: mental, physical, emotional, career, social .etc. all of which are necessary for the fulfillment of needs of employees.

Organizational Wellbeing is driven by acting on our human needs (Maslow):

☑️ Self-actualization –realization of a person’s potential

☑️ Esteem –approval, respect, and recognition

☑️ Belonging –acceptance, affiliation, and affection

☑️ Safety –security, stability, and freedom from fear

☑️ Physiological needs –food, shelter, and water.

These needs go well beyond the association of wellbeing with stress and burnout - that are the natural consequences or symptoms of inefficient support of these individual needs.

More importantly, employees need to feel happy and satisfied with their jobs if they want to make their mental health a priority because both are indirectly linked to each other.


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This episode is hosted by Elena Agaragimova and Ivan Palomino

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