Can you be a time-bandit from the frisbee belt? We explain some new TBTLisms this week before recapping episodes 1827 through 1831 in a collector series. We then sit down with none other than Bobby Pape as he shares his favorite moments in TBTL history and pulls back the curtain for a behind the scenes look at the mind of a catroller. 

As heard on the show: - Clip of the week - As heard on TBTL #1827 - You Can’t Flout a Flauta- Cassette catroll as heard on TBTL #1692 - Manly Smells and Twitter Fails - Catroll car-bomb as heard on TBTL #1703 - California Got Sunshine. And No Water- Be sure to check out for the original catrolls and some great TBTL drops