We’ve popped the champagne, spread the rose petals on the bed, and put on the sexy, sexy music. All that remains is to ask the question: will you be our Valentine? Ann and Christy are here with a clip show about TBTL and Valentimes Day, and boy, is there a lot to talk about. Topics discussed include: how we feel about this dubious holiday, conversation hearts – yay or nay?, the horror that is ‘work spouses’, Luke’s disregard for online restaurant reservation systems, management of romantic expectations, and how it is that two 40-year-old men in long-term relationships can’t seem to figure out how Valentine’s Day works. Plus, a look back at the TBTL Dating Game, with Sean “Guy Smiley” DeTore as the most amazing host ever.

P.S. Here’s a bonus ‘work spouse’ joke Christy wishes she had thought of during recording: “The closest thing I have to a work husband is Mike, mostly because I hate him as much as Emily does. ZING!”