March is #trypod month! (As if you didn’t already know.) In that spirit, we at Little Red Bandwagon have compiled clips of some of our favorite non-TBTL podcasts to expand your horizons, along with a little background on why we love them. Join Ann and Bobby for this special tour through our wide-ranging tastes. And when you’re done, find a luddite, and teach him or her how to download a podcast, because sharing is caring! 

Here are our picks with each series’ title, followed by the episode or segment, and timestamps for the clip, in case you want to seek them out. (Or, skip past them. You do you.) Bobby: Crimetown (Ep. 1, Divine Providence) 3:35 to 16:10 Ann: Crime Writers On… (Tickled) 21:00 to 29:06 Meredith: Adventure Zone (Here There Be Gerblins) 32:10 to 36:47 Be sure to check out the animation! Christy: Anna Faris is Unqualified (Ep. 88, Joel McHale) 38:57 to 52:10 Jeremy: Whatever Happened to Pizza at McDonalds? (Episode 2) 54:32 to 58:15 Phyllis: Takedown Podcast (Ep. 98, Mo Knows Snacks) 60:38 to 65:10 Mike: Revisionist History (S01:E07, Hallelujah) 69:00 to 82:39