LA Ten (by way of White Bear Lake, Minn.) Mike Farnan is back, and joins “old” Mike (Frizzell) and the Nice Lady Christy Wise for a listen back to the time Luke thought it was a good idea to eat his weight in green room Boston Market creamed spinach and mashed potatoes before a Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me! taping. (Spoiler alert: It wasn’t.) Mike, Mike and Christy also share their own poop stories. (Or, in the case of Christy, the story of a gross friend.)

Plus, we get to know more about Farnan, beyond when he’s on the bus, trying to hide a fresh stain on tan pants. There’s actually a lot of interesting non-crap parts to his life, like making movies, and a love of baseball and Detroiters.   

Alternate titles for this episode included “Burbanking the Poop” and “Wait Wait … Don’t Poop Yet!” But, we wanted to make sure you’d at least download it first.

This episode features a classic clip from TBTL’s Feb. 1, 2010, episode. Special thanks to Linh Pham for helping us source Luke’s WWDTM appearance on 1/30/10, and in general for all his work over at