This month on the LRB clip show we’re taking a deep dive into one of our favorite segments: fire up the theme music, because we’re doing some Cooking With Sean! Our second-favorite KIRO board op is known for his creative culinary pursuits, and we’re looking back at just a few of the recipes he’s tested out on TBTL. We’ll hear about a heavily modified tuna casserole, dubiously flavored pickles, hotel room hacks that get forced on unsuspecting live show guests, and the questionable decision to introduce an open flame into the workplace. Christy is fleshing out a new conspiracy theory, while Ann makes a shameful food-related confession. Plus, leafy greens, a queso emergency, orange slice candies as a palate cleanser, an act of grocery store thievery, and weird ice cream. Is Sean a flavor visionary or a just a mad experimenter? Heck if we know.