We’ve all been there – feeling nervous and slightly sweaty as we attempt to impress a stranger so they will eventually pay us money. JOB INTERVIEWS. I’m talking about job interviews, you pervs! The TBTL fellas have a rich history of awkward or embarrassing experiences trying to (or trying not to) get a gig, and have no problems recounting the particulars. Christy and Ann are ready to dig into the details of Luke’s commercial auditions, which provide a motherlode of material, and puzzle over the shady business practices that forced Andrew to tank an interview in beautiful Boise. We also take the opportunity to share some of our own awkward interview experiences, including the time Christy was forced to take a photographic pop culture quiz, and how Ann’s accidental networking triumph spanned three decades, two countries, and two sets of gossipy parents. Feel free to call or text the LRB voicemail at (802) 432-TBTL to share your own interview nightmares (we don’t want to lose the number!).