Ann and Christy are laughing their way through this final LRB clip show by looking back at some times that people other than us offered up critical feedback for TBTL. But first, we acknowledge that our own responses to judgement from others aren’t always a model of emotional health. We protest the injustice of getting slapped for not following rules we didn’t know existed, or criticized for things we can’t control. We discuss a couple of cases in point, including how Christy’s co-worker accidentally fed her case of impostor syndrome, while Ann once almost had the K-9 unit set on her. Then we dive into clips containing letter-writing grandmas, comparisons of TBTL to athlete’s foot, the creation of a couple of longtime show catchphrases, and a promise from Luke that he will never again make a factual error on the show (hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha). Plus, a Wingdings conspiracy, which cursive capital letters are bs, and the beauty of math. No reply necessary.