We’re back on the road for another edition of the TSHE Summer Road Trip Spectacular, and we’ve got a new batch of movies through which we’re exploring America from the COVID-free confines of our couches. Meredith, Mike, and Ann have a lot of brake pads to sell, so we’re hopping in our vintage convertible and heading through the – well, let’s just call it the Northern Rust Belt, okay? It’s simpler. There’s a heaping helping of Gen X cynicism, some misty-eyed Fifties idealism, another crop of problematic comedies, and a grouchy weirdo who finds his own version of peace and happiness. Mike shares the story of his stimulus “check” mishap. Ann waxes rhapsodic over DQ cakes. Meredith is a difficult first contact. Plus, our high school mascots and an inspiring sports chant!

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