It’s going to be a small, chill Thanksgiving this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the star of T-Day food. No, not turkey - we’re talking pie! Pie is (almost) universally beloved, but making your own from scratch is daunting to most people who aren’t accomplished home bakers. Thankfully, one of our hosts has some experience in that realm and has decided to pass her knowledge along. Ann (along with color commentator Bobby) is taking Christy, Hillary, and Meredith into the TSHE Kitchens to teach them how to make a delicious pie crust of which nobody need be scared. Will their pie crusts be buttery and flaky, or will they be as dust in the wind? Will the caution tape keep the children at bay? Will a black, furry mischief maker escape from the basement? Listen and find out!

Stella Parks' No-Stress All-Butter Pastry CrustAnn's preferred pumpkin pie filling recipe

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