This episode originally aired in December 2017. That said, it’ll still do a fine job distracting you at work this week in 2018. Enjoy!

Here’s the original write-up:

“You cannot sing ‘parum pum pum pum’ and make it sound sexy and soulful. It just sounds stupid.”

It’s the holiday season, so we thought we’d dig into the world of TBTL and Christmas (fear not, non-Christians – you’re welcome, too!). Christy and Ann are ready to share their thoughts on everything from loud ringing bells to NORAD’s Santa Watch. Luke’s obsession with Christmas music leads us into a long discussion of our own likes and dislikes. Jen is once again proven to be our spirit animal. The story of Luke’s first adult Christmas makes us feel warm and fuzzy. Ann spreads a family story that we’re sure her brother will appreciate. Plus, nativity shenanigans, problematic cookie exchanges, and two wonderful traditions in the Wise family. And we discover a shocking fact about Zac Efron that makes us feel better about our impending mortality.

P.S. Sorry this show is so long, but it’s mostly because we put a massive bonus clip at the end that we couldn’t bear to leave out. Also, we talked a lot.


This show contains clips from the following TBTL episodes: 11/24/2008 (holiday music); 12/09/2010 (Jen Andrews, Salvation Army Bell, Paul McCartney, Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time, Cate Blanchett, face cream); 12/06/2012 (Luke’s first radio show, NORAD Santa watch); 12/16/2013 (Luke’s childhood, Christmas tree, Ariel tree topper).