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This week on Episode 372 of the Loud Fast and Shitty Podcast Radio Show, America prepares to settle in for a fattening Thanksgiving Feast, and Bob braves the internet on Facebook LIVE. This week, instead of listening to your boring uncle tell the same old stories at the dinner table, pop the headphones in your ears and listen to this week’s latest and greatest punk rawk songs…

This week’s playlist includes...

Stray From The Path - The House Always Wins
Frenzal Rhomb - Johnny Ramone Was In A Fucken Good Band But He Was A Cunt
The Shell Corporation - Cold Reason
Bad Cop/Bad Cop - Get Rad
Rancid - Silence Is The Only Rule
The Supervillains - Political Porn
Jack’s Smirking Revenge - Queen Pity of the Plains
Dropkick Murphys - Blood
Shames - Careless
F.O.D. - American
Müg - Merci
Brutal Youth - Hostile Work Environment
Death By Stereo - I Think About Killing You Everyday
Fladderpuck - To Hell With Good Intentions
Iron Reagan - A Dying World
The Mercenaries - Night Call
Behind Deadlines - Optimism
Mad Caddies - Villains
The Decline - Can’t Have Both
Nothington - Cobblestones
Colorsfade - Frozen In Time
Chris Demakes - I’ll Be Your Eyes
Greg Graffin - Lincoln’s Funeral Train
Off With Their Heads - Clear The Air
Our Darkest Days - Time Has Come (ft. Denis Buckley from 88 Fingers Louie)
Raincheck - Work Less Chill Mass
The Anti-Bodies - Camp Blood
AFI - White Offerings
The Penske File - Home
By All Means - Election Day
Bad Religion - Lost Pilgrim
Riverboat Gamblers - Pilgrims In An Unholy Land
William S. Burroughs - Thanksgiving Prayer