This week on Episode 373 of the Loud Fast and Shitty Podcast Radio Show...Jimmy, AIDS and Javier from Dead Cat Lounge are back in the studio with Bob to play a few new songs from their recently released 7” and to drink 6 month old Iron City Beer provided by the Crooked Cobras. Zak Kirlis from the infamous Florida band, Belching Penguin, checks in to promote a memorial show for a fallen brother. Spike Polite joins the show to talk about his upcoming tour dates with his NYC band Sewage as he boards a southbound bus for a 17 hour drive.

Here is this week’s stellar playlist...

Dead Cat Lounge - I’m The Boss
Guttermouth - The Human Mulligan
F - I Wanna Be Like You
Pink Lincolns - Loner
Ten Foot Pole - Scars
Sibyls - Something Bigger
Shore Leave - Redneck Rodeo
Shore Leave - Armageddon - A - Go Go
Belching Penguin - Hangover
Slap of Reality - Stuck Inside
Splitters - Can of Gasoline
Mosquito Teeth - Generation Scum
Nobodys - Drop What You’re Doing
The Funeral Dazies - When They Run
The Functional Citizens - Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Sewage - Department of Corrections
Belching Penguin - Anorexic
Mosquito Teeth - Vitamin D
Headshock - Red Light
No Fraud - Hard To The Core
No Fraud - Suicidal Maniac
Crooked Cobras - Wasteland
Dead Cat Lounge - What You’re Living For