Hello everyone !

This is a special english edition from the Socrates France 2022 : https://socrates-fr.github.io/

I was lucky enough to record a part of our conversations during a "podcast sessions".
I recommend you to listen to it in one go but if you prefer to jump at a particular time you can use the timeline.


00:14 Laurent Bossavit talking about Socrates
01:04 Rachel Davies talking about Socrates
02:52 Laurent Bossavit talking about self-censorship
09:17 Juke talking about Socrates
16:57 Juke talking about the software crafters community

Thank you very much Juke, Rachel, Laurent to play the game of podcast interview with me !


Juke : https://twitter.com/Singsalad
Rachel Davies : https://twitter.com/rachelcdavies
Laurent Bossavit : https://twitter.com/Morendil

music :
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Auteur: Sapajou
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