I'm thrilled this week to give you a sneak peek of a new Q2 Music podcast called LPR Live coming out this Fall. It's hosted by Conor Hanick, a longtime friend and radio colleague, brilliant pianist, and all-around passionate and insightful advocate for new music. The performances will come from Greenwich Village's Le Poisson Rouge, a stalwart showcase for new music in New York City and a trendsetting venue that's been "serving art and alcohol since 2009."

Here's a quote from Conor about the show:

"This is not your typical pre-concert hosting, and the content is not your typical pre-concert banter. Each episode of LPR Live will weave together a variety of voices that bring you into the heart of the beast of this dynamic downtown, underground performance space and into the personal aspects of the music's creation and presentation. This is a podcast that will let this exciting new music take its first (digital) breath. Production will create a sonic space where each strand is able to converse with its surroundings, and the richness and multi-dimensionality of the voices themselves will create the form, almost like eavesdropping on a conversation in the performer's greenroom."