On Friday, Jan. 20 at 3 pm, Meet the Composer and host Nadia Sirota welcomed audiences to the Met Cloisters for an afternoon of radio- and music-making. Over one hundred people gathered to sing Pauline Oliveros's Tuning Meditation in the illustrious Fuentidueña Chapel. Watch a 360-degree video of performance below. 

On that afternoon, we followed Oliveros's performance instructions: “Inhale deeply; exhale on the note of your choice; listen to the sounds around you, and match your next note to one of them; on your next breath make a note no one else is making; repeat. Call it listening out loud.”

Oliveros, who passed away this past year at 84, was a shining light in the musical world and the creator of “Deep Listening,” work that smudges the edges between listener, performer and creator. We at Meet the Composer could think of no better way to celebrate the great composer Pauline Oliveros than by performing her work in deep communion with our friends, colleagues and fans. Oliveros's Tuning Meditation is for musicians and non-musicians alike, and the gist of the work is: Listen to what is going on around you and find a way to positively contribute.

Watch a 360-degree video of a Tuning Meditation below. Use your mouse to move around the space. For mobile users, please watch and explore on the YouTube app or on Q2 Music's Facebook page. We recorded the audio in binaural sound, which mimics how the human brain places sound in space. Please use your headphones for optimal enjoyment.