Lloyd Price - "Hooked On A Feeling"

McKinleys, The - "Sweet And Tender Romance"

Nikki Lane - "Right Time"

Screamin' Jay Hawkins - "Little Demon"

Daytonas, The - "I Got Everything When I Got God"

5ive Style - "Waiting On The Eclipse (live at WFMU Feb 17, 1996)"

Bandits, The - "Come On Pretty Girl"

Bobby Russell - "Saturday Morning Confusion"

Lloyd Price - "Where You At?"

Joan Jett - "A Little Bit Of Heaven"

Hat And Tie - "Finding It Rough"

Roy Acuff - "Plastic Heart"

Fats Domino - "Gotta Get A Job"

Wingy Manone - "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter"

Dr. Feelgood - "She Does It Right"

Swingin Blue Jeans, The - "Gotta Draw The Line"

Jerry Reed - "Alabama Wild Man"

Dee Dee Sharp - "Comin' Home Baby"

Carmaig De Forest - "Crack's No Worse than the Fascist Threat"

Henry Gibson - "Bluebird"

Nancy Dupree with a Group of Youngsters - "James Brown"

Paul Karasik & Mark Newgarden - "INTERVIEW"

Nancy Sinatra - "Friday's Child"

JD McPherson - "Let's Get Out Of Here While We're Young"

Mark Eric - "I'd Like To Talk To You"

Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant - "Caffeine Patrol"

Brenda Jones - "Let's Go Back To School"

Charlie Byrd - "Limehouse Blues"

Robert Lamm - "Someday I'm Gonna Go"

Robert Lamm - "Someday I'm Gonna Go"

Above, The - "Imprisoned"

Jan and Dean - "Girl,You're Blowing My Mind"

Leroy Van Dyke - "Honky Tonk Song"

Deke Dickerson - "Feelin' Low"

Cheap Trick - "California Man"

Chris Scruggs - "Window"

Murray Wilson - "Lloyd Chester Unlimited"