Narvel Felts - "My Babe"

Laura Cantrell - "Do You Ever Think Of Me?"

Glen Campbell - "A Cold December In Your Heart"

Don and Dewey - "Farmer John"

Bola Sete - "Both Sides Now"

Robert Lamm - "Someday I'm Gonna Go"

Los Straightjackets - "Aerostar"

Narvel Felts - "Dee Dee"

Fairchilds, The - "Let Her Run"

Shirley of the Soul Sisters And Brother - "You Don't Really Care"

Muffs, The - "The Best Time Around (demo)"

Utopia - "Silly Boy"

Narvel Felts - "Vada Lou"

Narvel Felts - "A Little Bit Of Soap"

Narvel Felts - "Foolish Thoughts"

Narvel Felts - "INTERVIEW"

Narvel Felts - "Drift Away"

Mitch Easter - "I'm Not In Love"

Laura Cantrell - "Interview"

Laura Cantrell - "Push The Swing (Live In WFMU's Studio A)"

Laura Cantrell - "Interview"

Laura Cantrell - "Don't Break the Heart"

Laura Cantrell - "Interview"