More Blitzhäus Kith: Kyle, Geni, Chris & Pat!More Blitzhäus Kith: Kyle, Geni, Chris & Pat!

Bit Players In The College Radio Drama That Is Blasphuphmus Radio Part II
(Featuring edited highlights from five early episodes, where friends and family join me in what has now become known as college radio, assembled 9 years ago.)

Relive college radio from the late 90’s as it actually happened! Experience five edited presentations from the earliest days of this very program, as they were originally heard on KWVA in Eugene Oregon, broadcast at 88.1 FM. For the fist time since their original air dates these programs are being heard again, and at the correct speed in most cases!  Join a clumsy and youthful Austin Rich as he stumbles through the act of playing College Radio DJ, and listen to some authentic late 90’s rock as we journey through the decades.

This is part of our 14th Anniversary Explosion that’s been happening all throughout the year, and to a smaller extent, part of an on-going attempt to accurately archive the history of this program in a way that’s accessible to listeners.  As many of the programs from the early days are not complete, and in many cases missing entirely, I’ve been creating these shortened “edited” versions of these shows, to give you a taste of what it was like in these early days.  As there are still a few shows to come in this series – and still many others for you to enjoy – you may want to slap this feed into your podcast-catching device of choice, as it will keep you up to date with all the appropriate episodes, and give you a good cross-section of the entire history of the program.

Of these particular episodes, it is fascinating to attempt to recreate the circumstances that these programs were recorded under.  When Kyle would visit, he would often join me when I would go to the radio station.  Both Geni and Pat were roommates at one point or another, and Chris was a near-permanent fixture in the legendary Blitzhäus where we used to live and party in the olden days.  These shows evoke a lot of memories, not just of the music that we played, but the parties, shows, girlfriends, boyfriends, arguments, D&D games, and the hundreds of other things that went down in the late 90’s.  In an era before cell phones, .mp3s, regular internet access, or very much money to speak of, we still created culture, built mythologies, and had a great time doing in.  If only some of that nostalgia can seep through these tape-hiss-infused recordings, then I will feel as if my work here is done.

A request to listeners: if anyone can identify the Man Is The Bastard song that I play during the “Track Night” segment, please let me know!  I’ve been trying to identify that one for a while now.

Many apologies for the lateness of the program.  Hopefully this is a fluke occurrence, but you know how it goes.

See you in seven!


Introduction: The More Things Continue To Blah Blah Etc.
01.) Adventures Through Inner Space * The Bomboras

Part I: “Senses Shattering” w/ Kyle Rich (06 May 1998)
02.) Jessica * They Might Be Giants
03.) Baby Puts Out Old Flames * Rye Coalition
04.) Beastie Boys * Beastie Boys
05.) There Ain’t No Sanity Clause * The Damned
06.) 13 Ways To A Cavity * KARP
07.) Battle of the Planets * godheadSilo

Part II: “Feet Together, Buttocks Tight” w/ Kyle Rich (14 July 1998)
08.) Imperial Dance * Supergenius
09.) Can You Feel It? * The Jacksons * Jane Fonda Workout
10.) Die Eier Von Satan * Tool
11.) Delirium & Disorder * Bad Religion
12.) Rock & Roll McDonalds * Wesley Willis
13.) Nuts To You * godheadSilo

Part III: “Track Night” w/ Geni (09 September 1998)
14.) Peter Gunn Theme * Poison Ivy
15.) ?? * Man Is The Bastard
16.) The Creeps * Social Distortion
17.) Paul Revere * The Beastie Boys
18.) Degobah * Monkey
19.) Two Little Boys * Splodgenessabounds
20.) Stayin’ Alive * Anal Cunt
21.) “You fuckin’ die.” * The Pixies

Part IV: “Rock And Roll” w/ Chris Brooks (16 December 1998)
22.) Sidewalk City * The Phantom Surfers
23.) Iron Fist * Motörhead
24.) Drag Strip Race * The Rondelles
25.) Ace Of Spades * Motorhead
26.) Take You Higher * Tight Bros. From Way Back When
27.) Clockwork Orange * Walter Carlos
28.) Is It Wicked Not To Care? * Belle & Sebastian
29.) Dad Why Did My Friends Explode? * Deadbolt
30.) Smokin’ Banana Peels (Re-Mix) * The Dead Milkmen

Part V: “A Geosynchronous Orbit” w/ Pat The Pirate (24 March 1999)
31.) Ghoulash * Satan’s Pilgrims
32.) Love Story * Lagwagon
33.) Self Cleanin’ Lovin’ * Royal Grand Prix
34.) Fake Fake Eyes * …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
35.) High School Shop Class Constructs Bicycle Built For Twenty-Six * Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo
36.) No Brains * Eater
37.) Stranger Than Fiction * Bad Religion
38.) Escape Through The Air Vents * Man… Or Astro-Man?
39.) Freak Scene * Dinosaur Jr.