Inspired by last weeks conversation around the racist history around curfews, we’re going to look at our Korner on a few historical riots in the US.  We cover just how many riots heappened  from 1964-1971, and specifically focus on: the: Harlem Riots of 1964, Watts Riots 1965, Newark Riots, and the Detroit Riots of 1967, all on the heels of James having seen Kathryn Bigelow’s Kathryn Bigelow, Detroit, and how it's is NOT FUBU aka For Us By Us. This opens up a conversaiton of why it’s important to have folks of a specific community and culture working on a project it's refrencing. We dive into what REALLY happened during the Detroit Riots,  and why you can skip Bigelow’s movie! SorryKathryn Bigelow they can’t all be winners!



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