It is an artistic Thanksgiving as James invites the Director, one of the writers, and actors of the Radio Drama produced by LGBTQ Theater Company New Conservatory Theater Center’s radio drama In Good Company which also features our very own! James!  Youll meet his artistic family: Ed Decker (Director/Artistic Director), Jewelle Gomez (Writer/Author), Desiree Rogers (Actor/Artist) As they talk about creating art in the middle of a pandemic, how this show addresses the current social climate around race, the pandemic, and the things 2020 is challenging us with. Can theater survive, what is its future? All from the perspective of the people who've been creating art at one  the country's longest-running LGBTQ Theater Companies, which has navigated turbulent times before, and how it's driving the conversation, and creating a space of healing. You'll definitely want to check out their radio Drama In Good Company !


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