It's a house party as we have half of cult podcast House Party on the pod with Kyle Ishmael! So The Debates are literally happening, as we speak. Is Elizabeth Warren going Arya Stark on everyone up on that stage mainly a certain billionaire? We don't know because they are literally happening as we speak. Speaking of Michael Bloomberg  - he’s going full swing with his ads, so what do you do when you have family members who are considering voting for him? Is he the Progressives’s Trump? We look at his complicated record from Stop & Frisk to other classic Mike Bloomby racist policies. It’s like a Mike Bloomby mixtape up in here. We look at the Democrat primaries so far: our thoughts, feelings, woes, and Bernie Bros. There's a new festival in town- the Lover’s and Friends Festival- but is it real? Is this the New Fyre Fest? Did Kyle already fall for this and buy his ticket? Is Lil Kim really going to be there? Speaking of the Notorious K.I.M. did she have a shoot out back in the day with Foxy Brown? We have some recommended streamers: American Factory, and High Fidelity with Zoë Kravitz and we figure out how many degrees of separation I am from the coolest person on the planet.  In the main event James walks you through a couple of orgs to get involved with who need your time, money, and awareness this political season regardless of who you’re voting for to help ease anxt of hopelessness to help combat: Gerrymandering, voter suppression, protecting the right to vote, winning back the senate, helping kids in cages, and more! Plus impressions, from Snoop Dog to Michael Bloomberg


Fair Fight

Florida Rights Restoration Coalition

Vote Save America 


RAICES - No kids in cages

Kids In Need of Defense (Kind)

How to help kids in cages


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