We find out why James has such venom for Destiny's Child's, "Say My Name" music video which leads to Detective Moury on the case to crack what happened to the other two original members of Destiny's Child.  Nick Cannon is under fire, rightfully so, for anti semitic remarks, is he canceled? We unpack why it's ludicrous for there to ever be beef between Black folks and Jewish peeps- makes no sense.  We look into the hysteria, hypocrisy, and history of gay and bisexual men’s history of donating Blood. NASCAR is fucking with James' boo Bubba Wallace, he's not having it.  In the main korner James takes us through a deep dive into McGrit v. Oklahoma, the landmark supreme court decision that upheld that a huge chunk of East Oklahoma was still under Indigenous jurisdiction, and the history that lead up to this moment that dates back to the Trail of Tears, what the argument was, and what this means for the future for Native rights in the area and across the country. 


McGrit V. Oklahoma: 

Who's land are you living on?:   https://native-land.ca/


Farrah of Destiny's Child's last moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObPS0RnDrtI

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