Nnekay is back! We are going to get real nerdy-looking at the trailer of the new Marvel Disney+ series WandaVision, and Nnekay went down the YouTube video easter egg rabbit hole, plus other exciting MCU announcements! We pivot to Judd Apatow's call out for Hollywood's silence on China’s Concentration Camps and then turn the mirror back at us here in the US as forced sterilization practices are happening in ICE detention centers. The election is coming up and if you’ve seen the Stacy Abrams doc All In you know one of our biggest hurdles is Voter Suppression. James goes, all in, on a deep dive of some of the most surprising facts about voter suppression, it’s origins, and how it is currently stealing our votes! Also, what we can do about it! And as part of Hispanic Heritage month, Nnekay takes us back in time to Texas, to the inspiring story of Jovita Idar, activist, teacher,  journalist, for La Chronica and all-around American badass who stood up to the Texas Rangers. Inspiring! Hollywood take note, and we’ve got a director in mind for you.


Wanda... Fucking... Vision....!!!!

Judd Apatow Calls Out Hollywood’s Silence on China’s Concentration Camps

CA Inmate Firefighters

Reports of forced hysterectomies at Georgia ICE facility stir dark memories for some

Voter Suppression and 'All In' - here

Jovita Idar - here


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