The whole team is here! We’ve got Sam Jackson (she/her) our Marketing Manager and Production Coordinator, and editor Sarah Brown (she/her) on the show fresh off having watched the VP debate and we’ve got your hot HOT takes, takeaways, and wow was this not the burning trash fire the Presidential debate was. Kamala was not here to play, she had all the receipts, did everybody's homework, but the real winner was the fly. Plus the 355 trailer was released starring either Jessica Chastain or January Jones...? Do they look like? Sam walks us through the term BIPOC, and the history behind the ever-evolving name change and community classification of Black folks. With both Sam and Sarah here James pits them against each other in a head to head matchup (that neither of them are that keen on) in a Quizlet Korner- yes it’s back! We talk reparations- which states, and cities are moving forward? We talk Pop culture how Tyra’s hosting on Dancing with the stars, is there a new Black Superhero movie in the works at Warner Bros? Is our BAAP Megan Markle snatching a new crown?





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