Nnekay is here and James has to confront her and have it out on the pod because she... spoiled.. last weeks... WandaVision in one simple text. We are on a mission to, as Viola Davis says, "exhume the bodies,"  and bare witness as James saw Amistad for the first time, and HBO Max’s It’s a Sin about a group of young gays in the 80s in London during the AIDS pandemic and they discuss the revelations both these pieces brought up.  Welp it's official the Golden Globes are trash as the Emily in Paris controversy has shown. Then rounding out Black History Month we pay tribute to two Hollywood legends Eartha Kitt, and then diving in deep to the amazing Dorthy Dandridge as played by Halle Berry in the HBO biopic. Then you are in for a treat as Nnekay just found out… she’s Afro Latina! She takes us down to Argentina on her journey a she discovers, investigates, and sleuths why there are so few Black people in Argentina today, why here family fled, and Argentina’s historic racist past.  It is WILD! 


Golden Globes Are Trash: 

Dorthy Dandridge

Ertha Kitt

Black Argentinians- Erasure and heritage 

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