Vignette Ching is here and It's off to a quick trip to the land of imagination before we jump into the recent rise in Asian American hate crimes and the Atalanta attack. What does this tell us about our country? What does allyship really look like? Will this strengthen and heal the relationship between the Black and AAPI community?  Well as just two friends who are part of the communities James and Vignette share their personal perspectives, callouts, and hopes for the future. Then our acupuncturist healer helps to unpack the effects of generational trauma and how it might be time to look to the east for our healing, and other benefits of Chinese medicine. Then in honor of Women’s History Month James is going to give you 4 bad ass Asian American Pacific Islander Women you probably didn’t learn about in because our school system sucks and dictated by white supremacy. From the political arena, to activism, to the laboratory, to Hollywood: these inspirational trailblazers in the face of America’s nature deserve all the praise and snaps. Let's heal our trauma so we can begin imagining a better place and have the heart space and strength to turn that into reality. 

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