Lauren Carter is here with Breaking News from Twitter... about Adele. Britney is free (#FreedBritney) and we couldn't be happier but Jessica Simpson might need to read the room, with her announcement of her also being free. Drake and Travis Scott owe us answers as we discuss the tragedy that happened at Astroworld. Then we discuss Passing starring Tessa Thomosn and Ruth Negga an important movie that needs its roses! It’s Christmas, which means Mariah Carey is resurrected this time of year and our Queen of Christmas has a new partnership we didn’t know we needed.  And then in the main korner with Thanksgiving here, which is often an uncomfortable time knowing the genocide of Indegenous folks, James attended a Native American/Indegenous Heritage talk and is downloading the insights to you, with ideas of how to appropriately partake in the holiday while giving true thanks, and respect to who’s land this truly is. 

Guest Co-Host: Lauren Carter:

Lauren M. Carter is a Software Engineer in Silicon Valley with a track record for leading engineering teams that build consumer products. In addition to her technical role, Lauren is a long time distance runner turned tri-athlete.  She's competed on some of the largest and most successful Track Clubs and Triathlon teams in the US. When not engaging in fitness or tech, you can find Lauren with a glass of wine in hand probably having a discussion about gardening.


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