It's the season of love and we're back after 10,080 minutes to talk about the groundbreaking musical  RENT! We`ll cover you with all the emotions and our favorite characters while dreaming of a restaurant in Santa Fe. But I should tell you we shed some tears. We honor the late Jonathan Larson with a review of In The Heights. It's another day of talking about Lin Manuel Miranda and has he redeemed himself from In The Heights? Speaking of legends We also discuss Stephen Sondhiem who helped shaped musical theater today and his one song glory. Speaking of covering bases we discuss the controversy around the casting of Amazon Prime's new series of Lucy and Ricky; Aaron Sorkin has some explaining to do!  Then in the main Korner the bigger they come the harder they fall. Join us as we talk about Netflix's Harder they fall all about the wild wild west.We discuss the all black cast and the stories that aren't being told. So sit back, relax and let's go out tonight! Get ready to learn laugh and play right here on minority korner.

Jennifer Covington, Guest Co-Host- a life coach, business strategist and the Queen Waymaker for World-Chagers - She’s a Capricorn Sun & Moon and very serious about her productivity. When she’s not helping people of color build profitable businesses she’s either spinning on her new skates, soaking in an herbal bath or volunteering with organization around the Bay Area. iG:  @TheRealJCov


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