This week we close out Black History Month and transition into Women's History Month but first we have some things we'd like to discuss. Will DC finally apologize to Ray Fisher? If not, we welcome him to the Marvel universe there's so many characters to choose from! Speaking of DC, the cover of Entertainment Weekly has us all thirsting over Zoe Kravitz and Robert Pattinson as Catwoman and Batman for The Batman. Do we have a new couple on the horizon? Todrick Hall has been at the forefront of content creation on youtube and recently joined Big Brother but maybe we have to side eye our heroes once again. We have good news about LGBTQIA+ representation! Will this last or is it a trend? Speaking of trends In the main korner  Mackenzie talks about her love and hate of the Star Wars fandom and why we need to stop with the gatekeeping. And we have tips on how you can help fight the Anti Trans laws in Texas. 


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