The OG Queen of MK is back as we prepare to close out the show, Nnekay is with us! We got a Black lady supreme court judge- yaaaaay- but let’s take a look at the demographics of the Senate. Does this body represent America? Should we abolish it? The Justice KBJ gauntlet reminds us of the gauntlet Black folks have to go through when applying for jobs. Workers of Amazon, Etsy, and more are all unionizing! Moon Knight is gooooood- we discuss!!! James wonders why Jennifer Hudson never blew up but Adele did- but is this sudden support too little too late on the podcast from him? Nnekay has thoughts! James takes us through the 8 pillars of a caste system as depicted in Isabel Wilkerson’s book Caste- how are these structures still intact, and what can we do to dismantle them? Nnekay talks about the sweetest treat: ice cream and how black people actually helped bring it to fame, and found new ways of innovation to get it to us with 3 Ice cream pioneers that made this treat taste the sweetest! Support black ice cream!

Guest Co-Host: Nnekay FitzClarke (she/her) The MK OG, Nnekay Ayana FitzClarke, Esq. Here to bring all the hoes to the yard with my thoughts, thots, and hots. A librarian, mother, and crafter with an etsy store that you should check out and buy my stuff. Also promote it. She wants to get that sponsorship goodness. IG: @nnekay 


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