They said it wouldn't last... but here we are!!! (Also who said that... we are side eying you!) It's cause for celebration! And we are doing it clip style as we reminisce and revisit some of our favorite moments, korners, topics, quizlets, and tangents, over the past 100 episodes. Plus you'll get some insights into how the sausage is made, reactions, and how we feel now about some of our moments. Will Jennifer Hudson show up and finally end this feud?! Find out! Also stay tuned to the end, sadly something horrific, and shocking happens, involving the reason why we started this podcast: police brutality. This is the perfect episode for longtime listeners, and new folks joining the Korner! Thanks for listening, and here's to the next 100!!! 

Episodes We Revisit: 

EP 1: Rachel Dolezal EP 22: Rape in the Military  EP 23: History of Queer Fabulousness & Tony The Tiger Quizlet  EP 34: The Jungle Book Shiar Khan Impression EP 36: The first Jennifer Hudson Impression EP 50: Why Your Camera is Racist  EP 54: A Very Patti Christmas  EP 55: Stay Fired Up EP 56: Work 2 Da Beat: Election Acton Items MP 66: Star Wars Fight  EP 68: Bayard Rustin, & The Texas Rangers EP 73: Biphobia EP 77: Goldie Bitch EP 78: Treshella  EP 83: Greenwood Massacre, The AIDS Quilt, & Catwoman Review EP 89: Queen Califa EP 98: Francis Scott Key's trifilin ass   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner