Nnekay is married! And planning her application to join Marvel's the avengers with her new married superpower. We give you the play by play of the Minority Korner's own Royal Wedding.  Did she become a bridezilla as I had predicted on episode one of Minority Korner? We both went to Captain America: No spoilers both of us had some crazy ass movie theater's. Nnekay confronts her archenemies: Wikipedia Know it Alls. Mandy Moore makes several appearances.  Prepare for a drive by fruity of information in James' "In Case you Missed it Korner", we're going to get you all ready for your weekend dinner parties with these gems: Colton Haynes, La Pride Music Festival, QueenBey, Ya'll Means All, Lemonade, SF P.D. is apparently racists, and homophobic, Rachel Dolezeal is back, dudes  are hating on the female Ghostbusters movie and trailer, and why won't Hollywood let us see our Black Actors. We have a Prince Tribute in our True or False Rumors game, and are JLO and Mariah having a feud? Oh and we have to talk about Janet Jackson is having a baby at 50.

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