Ariana Grande is a dangerous woman, and James can't stop raving about it. Game of Thrones has sent Nnekay to the crazy house. NO spoilers! James is finally drinking that Lemonade and getting in Formation- we break down the Beyonce debate as bell hooks and brilliant transgender activist and writer Janet Mock duke it out on the twitters. Did Nnekay's award winning journalism and reporting from last week help bring about the resigning of SF police chief? Also, it's the first ever Minority Korner sex tips! We're giving you a list of things that would epically suck if you do these things in bed! Or wherever you choose to rub your sexy parts on to each other. James is giving the Gay State of Affairs Union Address: Transphobia/Transpanic, bathrooms, murders, Walmart, and Bears oh my! James also breaks down gay male subgroups for Nnekay. If Nnekay where a gay man where would she fit? Will SF lose it's Pride festival this year? Is George Zimmerman still an asshole? Is Whitney Houston coming back in Hologram- find out in Quizlet Korner!